Although we look like a young couple, just starting out in the cattle business Tyler's roots have been in the Simmental breed for many years. Tyler's grandfather Wallace Harris owned H&B Simmentals with Ken Butner. Tyler grew up near his grandfather and spent time on the farm, and going to cattle functions with his grandfather. It wasn't until many years later as Tyler was a young adult out on his own that he decided to follow in this grandfather's footsteps in owning and operating his own herd of Simmental cattle. With the history of his grandfather's relationship with Ken Butner, it was natural for Tyler to come to the Family Matters Sale to begin his Simmental operation. Of course as life has come full circle, what once began as a partnership with Tyler's grandfather Wallace and Ken Butner, has now grown into Tyler and Sloane being a member of the Family Matters Sale, and have had many partnerships with Ken over the years. 

Just 30 minutes outside of Nashville, Tyler and Sloane operate Tylertown Simmentals. Their young operation focuses on exceptional donor females stemming from some of the breed's top cow families, and utilizing those genetics for embryo transfer. They flush several donor females to produce genetics that they offer at the Family Matters Sale, and the Tennessee Beef Agribition. You can guarantee if you purchase an animal from Tylertown Simmentals that is possesses the best genetics they can offer, and has been raised with tender loving care! 

Please stop by if you are in the area, or contact us if we can assist you with any questions concerning our operation or the genetics we have to offer.

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